Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Summer Dude Trip with Uncle Leo

I can still remember when I was twelve (1962) and Uncle Leo, who owned Clearwater Outfitters in northern Idaho, wanted to try out summer Dude trips. He figured that we were about as "Dude" as they come, so he took my mom, dad, my brother, and I on a horse trip into the mountains. My mom was a capable horsewoman having grown up on a farm, but the rest of us were "city folk". After my first sore day of bouncing along, I learned that you partly stand in the stirrups. How about that! I was given a very gentle horse that got me up a steep trail when I was exhausted by threatening to step on my heals as I led the way up. My dad who needed a large horse ended up with one who sensed that my dad knew little about horses. The horse walked along quietly until he saw a low branch then ran under it, neatly unseating my dad. My dad kept a close eye on that horse after that. Though they didn't get along, we all had a great time riding down the trails and reaching out and picking and eating the huckleberries which grew along the trail and sleeping under the stars. I'll always remember this special trip with my Uncle Leo.

Lew Pearson, Jim Groom, Ethel Crane, Leo and Zola Crane, Jenny Crane, Lloyd Crane, Arlene Crane Pearson 1969

Jenny Crane 

Leo 2004 ; reminds me of our tripLeo 1987, Scott Crane (khaki shirt)

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