Monday, March 27, 2017

The Cliff House and Seal Rocks,_San_Francisco  top 1949 (what it looked like when I went there) bottom 2009

On my mother's birthday my family would dress up and go to the Cliff House in San Francisco for a lunch of shrimp louie (a salad with cooked shrimp on top). It was both scary and exciting for my brother and I to be in a fancy restaurant. They had china dishes, glass goblets, and real silver spoons, knives, and forks and of all sizes.  I tried very hard to "act like a lady". The most fun was looking out the window and seeing the seals on Seal Rock. They basked in the sun, slid into the ocean, and barked at each other.

We left the San Francisco area when I was 7 years old (1957). I saw the Cliff House again on our honeymoon in 1972. It had been closed for several years due to a fire. I'm glad to find that it has been rebuilt and is open again.  You can see how close the seal rocks were to the Cliff House in the top pictures

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