Saturday, March 25, 2017

Riding the Ferry to San Francisco

It was an adventure to take the Alameda-Oakland Ferry to San Francisco.  We drove our cream and black top 1950 Pontiac to the pier and got in line behind the other cars. We watched the Ferry come up to the pier, the ramp put out, then the other cars drive off of the deck.  Now it was our turn.  It seems that my mom and brother and I all got out of the car and my dad drove it over the ramp and onto the ferry's deck. There was a large cabin over the lower auto deck and above the passenger cabin and, above it was the small cabin where they steered the ship.

This picture looks so calm, but that is not how I remember it.  I was glad to have the protection of the cabin from the cold wind. I was only 4 or 5 years old and would stand  on the wooden bench which went around the passenger cabin, so I could look out the glass windows at the gray sky, flog, and choppy waves. Even with my coat on, I could always feel the damp coldness surrounding me.

In 1958 this auto Ferry service was discontinued. After that, we drove across on the San Francisco Bay bridge. It seems like the whole ferry ride was at least half an hour with all the loading and unloading.

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