Monday, March 27, 2017

Honor's Class Outing to San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco 1960's when I was in High School

The most fun day I had in high school was when my senior honor's class was given a field trip to San Francisco. Our small class of less than twenty, was dropped off in downtown San Francisco. We had several hours to explore the city before we needed to be back for the play. Our only instructions were to stay with our partner. I ended up with a wonderful partner. She really knew the city and showed me around. We went to art galleries, an oriental temple complete with burning incense, and the exclusive Gump's department store. Gump's had items from all over the world.  I looked at it more like a museum than a store. In the early afternoon our class all met at an old theater to see a production of the classic play, Charlie's Aunt. That was a day I will always remember.

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