Thursday, February 2, 2017

Valentine's Days

Red construction paper hearts and small heart shaped candies, fill my memories of Valentine's Day in elementary school. The days before Valentine's we cut red, white, and pink hearts out of construction paper and made Valentine people out of them. We also made designs by coloring hearts and by pasting colored hearts together one on top of the other. I liked the Valentine crafts.

The night before Valentine's Day was busy. Mom would help my brother and me find shoe boxes and cover them with white paper, then we pasted on the hearts we had cut out. When it was done, we put our name on the box.

Next the real work began. Our teacher had sent home a list of all the boys and girls in the class and we had to write each classmate's name on the valentine's envelope and our name on the back of the valentine. Everyone gave small three inch tall valentines that we bought in a box. The were colored drawing of things like cowboys, ballerinas, animals, flowers, hearts, cars etc. and said things like "Don't break my heart. Be My Valentine.", or ""No horsing around. Be My Valentine." I had to be very careful not to give anything "mushy" to a boy, or I would be teased. It took me awhile to pick the right card for each person.

When we got to school, we put our shoes boxes on the counter with everyone else's boxes. On Valentine's afternoon, we got our shoe box and set it on our desk, then we went around and put one Valentine in each classmates box. A mother would bring in homemade heart shaped cookies with pink frosting on top. We sat at our desks and ate our cookie and opened our Valentines. It was a fun, noisy afternoon!