Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Decorating Our Christmas Tree

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A couple of weeks before Christmas, we would go to a tree lot and pick out our tree. My mom was always concerned about finding just the right size and shape. She didn't want to get the tree too soon for it needed to make it til New Years without its needles falling off. We put the tree in a bucket, made sure it was straight (a big project which involved a lot of adjusting), and kept it watered. When the tree was up,we opened the large 3 1/2 foot packing box that contained all our Christmas decorations. It was so fun to gently lift out and unwrap each decoration. They were like old friends.

Dad put the bubble lights on the tree. They were shaped like a clear candle, and when they got hot the colored liquid in the candle would bubble. (Later, they were outlawed because they started fires. Now they have made safe bubble lights.)

Next, we carefully placed on shiny glass balls. In our teens Jim and I decorated white silk balls with sequins and rick-rack. They didn't break. I loved carefully designing each ball.

After the balls were on, my mom handed the lead ice icicles to my brother and me a few at a time. Now they have light metal coated plastic ice icicles. We had to watch our old cocker spaniel dog, because he would eat the ice icicles then the lead would make him sick. Putting on the ice icicles was an art. Under my mom's careful direction, each ice icicle had to gently draped on each branch. Throwing on a handful was not allowed (I tried it). All branches had to be evenly covered. It seemed like it took hours!

Finally, there was our sparkling creation. I looked at it for hours. It seemed almost magical!

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