Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Childhood Christmas Memories

I loved Christmas!  As a young girl, I would sit in a large upholstered rocking chair beside our Christmas tree; rocking, rocking, and waiting. It seemed that Christmas would never arrive!

This is a picture of our home in Concord, California where we lived when I was in my teens. My mother loved to have lots of presents under our tree, so she would beautifully wrap up our school supplies besides our big presents. One year I bought a large sausage for my step-father, Lew Pearson. I wrapped it and put it under the tree.  The Irish Setter (the large red dog), Kelly, was my brother's dog. He found the sausage and had himself a feast.

At Christmas time we made lots of cookies which I loved to decorate.We made star, bell, and ball ornament cookies. Mom also made date nut bread, and cranberry bread. I loved to eat it with cheese.

When I was little, my dad worked nights to buy lots of presents for us. We always opened one present on Christmas Eve. It was our Christmas pajamas which my mom made for my brother and I. We wore them to bed that nigh, so we were ready for my dad's Christmas movie the next morning. I could barely sleep - I was so excited!

I loved Christmas candles. I remember a big red candle we used year after year. I liked to dip my finger in the hot wax and let it cool and peal the wax off. When I was ten and we were living in Athens, Georgia, Mom tried making candles. She cooked blocks of white paraffin wax and we put some of my crayons in it for color. When it was all melted, we poured the wax into cardboard milk cartons. After it was cool, we ripped off the cardboard and there was a large red candle. Next, we used a hand mixer and whipped up some of the white paraffin wax. We used a knife and spread the white wax over the red candle. It hardened and looked like frosting covering the candle. When the candle was lit, the red shown through the white "frosting". It was fun to do.

When I was in my teens, I helped with the Christmas decorating and wrapping. I spread it all out on my bed and wrapped for hours.  Our old dog, Teddy,  is "helping" me wrap.

My dad would spend days working on his Christmas cards. He wrote personal notes to all his family and friends. Mom knitted, and sewed presents for us. Christmas was a busy, fun time filled with lots of good food, sparkling lights, presents, and Christmas Carols.

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