Saturday, September 17, 2016

Becoming a Missionary Mom

For the last few months I’ve felt a compulsions to get all in order in my home and life:
Family History and Visiting Teaching has been organized and information put in the computer.
Notes and reminders put onto my computer calendar and contacts list.
Papers, files, boxes, closets, cupboards, and attic gone through.
Play area downstairs refined and library set up in the yellow room upstairs.

After being able to go to the Zoo and still feel alright, I knew I was feeling better and could now do more.  I knew that my collapsing last winter was an opportunity for me to learn how to use my medication and feel better.  As the week progressed, I increasingly felt anxious to try something new and a bit restless.  I’ve had a sense that I was being prepared to do something more-- but what?

On Friday, we received a phone call asking us to meet with the Stake President on Sunday July 24, 2011.  It seemed logical that my husband would be called to a stake position since he has been up at BYU for over four years, but I felt that it was something that would concern me.  When we arrived, the Stake President said that he felt we should serve some type of mission and wanted us to consider our situation: health, finances, circumstances. We replied that we would think about it.  I didn’t feel that we should say, “No”, but how could we serve a mission with my poor health?

That afternoon my husband and I talked, and I read over the on-line information on LDS missions.
There were so many exciting opportunities to serve the Lord, but I knew I couldn’t do them. I simply don’t have the health to live outside my home, away from my doctor, and work forty hour weeks.  I realized that I couldn’t even pass the required physical.  I felt like crying.

Our home teacher came over to our home. We talked with him on our patio, and he prayed that I might find opportunities to serve.  When we went back inside, the words, “Look up Church Service Missions” came into my mind.  I hadn’t remembered hearing of this type of mission, but there it was on-line.  As I looked over the opportunities, I saw a part-time writing mission. I only needed to be able to write for eight hours a week, and I could just make a six month commitment. There is also no physical to pass and I can work and train at home. What I would do is respond to visitors’ comments on and the Church’s Facebook page.  I had a strong feeling that this was something I could do and would enjoy doing. It felt right for me– something I had been prepared to do.

The next day I called the contact person in the Curriculum Department at Church Service Headquarters.  I told him of my five short articles published in the Ensign magazine and my twenty years of experience in editing.  He said, “You are certainly well qualified for this position,” and sent my email address to the person over the Feedback Response Team.  Now, I need to fill out forms, and set up interviews with my Bishop and Stake President.  When all is approved, my bishop will set me apart

I hope that my service will be a blessing to our family and be a good example to our children and grandchildren.  I hope it will help our son return to the Gospel light.  I wonder if it will influence our non-member family and friends.  I feel it is right for me to serve at this time

It has been exciting and a little scary to leave my comfort zone.  It has taken courage to call and offer my talents to the Church.  I have been humming, “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission” all week.
I do want to further the Lords work. I do want to serve a mission.  I’m grateful that people who must stay home can still serve. I’m sorry that my health prevents us from serving a full time mission, but there is much that Garrett (when he retires) and I can do to serve here.  I know that writing is what I have been prepared to do, and this is how the Lord wants me to serve.  I look forward to becoming a Missionary Mom!

(This was written in July of 2010. I served as a Responder on for six years. It was a wonderful experience. Serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was a great privilege and blessing to me. )

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